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Get your tickets: September 15

Monday, September 15, 2014, 8pm
PAL Stratford's 2014 Expect the Extraordinary Event
Tickets available at the Stratford Festival Box Office.
519-273-1600 | 1-800-567-1600
$20 $35 $50 $75

PAL Stratford Endorsements

The Stratford & Shaw Coalition of
Theatre Professionals & Friends of Pal

Statement of Support for PAL Stratford

A sanctuary, a safety net, a home, a community, PAL Place Stratford will be there for those of our own who find themselves in times of need during and at the end of careers that can be uncertain and insecure.
We the undersigned extend our enthusiastic endorsement to the Stratford Performing Arts Lodge project at 101 Brunswick Street, Stratford, Ontario.
PAL is a proven success story in several other locales nationwide. We heartily endorse and look forward to the same success story becoming reality here in Stratford.

(I authorize PAL to acknowledge my endorsement in its fundraising materials)

Geraint Wyn Davies Peter Hutt Ian D. Clark
Len and Heather Cariou Terri Dans Roberta Maxwell
Frank Moore Lesley Walker-Fitzpatrick Bruce Dow
Barbara Bryne Denny Spence Martha Henry
E. B. Smith Xuan Fraser Juan Chioran
Ben Carlson Tristan Tidswell Nicola Pantin
Tyrone Savage Luke Humphrey Lucy Peacock
Jeff Hughes Victor Ertmanis David Collins
Steven Gartner Keith Dinicol Margret Palmer
Kelsey Rae Shira Ginsler Don Sweete
Alicia Kuntze Nancy Benjamin Art Fortin
Nick Glenn AnthonyGentile Tim J. Hartman
Alec Cooper Angela Marshall Carl Danielson
Michael Barber Barry Gammon Joyce Lange
Margaret Blowes John Hautin Sandy Dunn
Scott Boyce Nicko Giannakos Jordan Till
Karl Wylie Cindy Tousshan Stephen Cota
Zeph Williams Gail Sorensen Jill Merner
Jay T. Schramek Ben Thomas Judy Smith
Brian Counihan Callan Potter Christine Yundt
Patricia Taylor Margret Lamb Ruby Joy
Caroline Yates Kelly McIntosh Lois Zurell
Karen Mills Deborah Howes Josie Muncaster
Dianne Chisholm Leslie Lee Ingrid Schmekies
William Gosling Jason Collier Leslie Wade
Lally Cadeau David Keeley Amanda Ryan
Margaret Ryerson Tina Watson Vic Ryan
Pam Brierley Brenda Keogh John Banks
Kyle Golemba Dan MacDonald Brenda Martin
Ann Swerdfager Richard Fitzpatrick M. K. Bohdanetzky
Roy F. Brown David Spence Brian Reynolds
Gayle Tribick Paul Shilton Robert King
Marie Fewer Renate Hanson Varrick Grimes
Alon Nashman Paul Thompson Vern Good
Sarah Mansikka Gillian Gallow Brenda Pilatzke
Daniel Mac Ivor Jessica Stinson Janine Pearson
Scott Farley Katherine Laing Nigel Bennett
Skye Brandon Christopher Sibbald John Vickery
Robin McCulloch Kristian Truelsen Maria Vacratsis
Stephen Woodjetts Michael Gyapjas Raemond Fletcher
Steve Bayne Barbara Young Kelley Teahen
Angela Smith Linda Mackay Brian Tree
Nora Polley Paul Elliot Aggie Elliot
Iain Paterson Wayne Mahon Dean Gabourie
Karen McCabe Maxine A. Graham John Pennoyer
Kim Foster Kevin Gormley Stacy Smith
Denise Fergusson Alan Laing Rachel Neville-Fox
Patti Muma-Cook Nancy Ferguson Ian Deakin
Jeff Wincott Jeremy Kushnier Michael Roth
Dave Collier Benedict Campbell Lisa Dent-Couturier
  Mark Beckett  

Endorsement List

Note to Stratford & Shaw Theatre
Professionals & Friends of PAL:
You can add your endorsement by clicking the link
below to send us an email. We will add your name
as soon as possible after we receive your email.

 I endorse PAL Stratford 

Welcome to PAL Stratford

Who Are We?

Performing Arts Lodge (PAL) Stratford is a volunteer-based Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the provision of affordable housing, social assistance and other services to local members and associates of Canada’s professional and performing arts community who are in need of assistance by reason of low income, age or disability.

PAL Stratford was established as a non-profit organization in 2002 and in 2005 was registered as a Charitable Organization (86363 2881 RR0001). PAL Stratford is one of eight Chapters of PAL Canada; others are located in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Each Chapter is an independent organization.

The "Places, please" capital fundraising campaign is seeking community support to retire the mortgage on the recently opened affordable housing units at 101 Brunswick Street, Stratford.

What Do We Do?

The principal object of all PAL organizations is to provide affordable housing to those fifty-five years and older who are, or were, associated with Canada’s professional and performing arts communities. PAL’s goal is to assist senior members of our community in living independently and securely.

PAL Stratford is already providing services to the community through Supporting Cast, a volunteer outreach group, which offers confidential support to retirement age or ill members. Services include assistance in dealing with local social and community agencies, as well as offering companionship, check-up phone calls, rides to appointments and running errands. organization. Supporting Cast also organizes group activities, including a weekly coffee and conversation hour at a local restaurant.

Supporting Cast has an email for easy contact, If you would like to join this group, please email us at:

A Brief History

In October 1999, Tom Patterson, Stratford Festival Founder and Herbert Whittaker, Critic Emeritus for the Globe and Mail, spearheaded the inception of PAL Stratford, using the PAL Toronto Lodge as a model.

They recognized that the Stratford Festival had a substantial legacy: an aging theatre and arts community whose members wished to continue living in and around Stratford. As well, there are others in the professional and performing arts who have also chosen to make their home in Stratford.

True to Tom’s vision, PAL Stratford’s long-term goal is to provide affordable congenial housing for these valued members of the Stratford community. Our primary need is to find a building or a site that can be used to provide this kind of facility.

Over the years we have been involved in a number of different projects: twice with different owners of 500 Ontario Street, the land immediately west of the Arden Park Hotel as well as with the owner of 210 Water Street. We seriously considered Falstaff School when it was available. In 2005 we made an unsuccessful bid for City-owned property on Queensland Drive.

We recently opened an affordable housing unit PAL Place at 101 Brunswick Street, Stratford.

PAL Stratford is governed by an elected Board of Directors.

Celebration of Life: Jack Merigold

Family, friends and past co-workers are all welcome to join us in the celebration of Jack Merigold’s life at The Performing Arts Lodge on Saturday July 12th at 11:00am.

This will be more of a casual event where we are welcoming guests to stand up and say something about Jack and how he touched their life. His picture will be forever hung on the new ‘Wall of Dedications’ with different memorabilia of his life on display for guests to experience and enjoy. These include such things as newspaper and magazine articles, medals, pictures and programs from past performances he was involved in.

If anyone would like to participate in this event, you are more than welcome to join us in celebrating his life and all of his wonderful accomplishments!

The entire 2014 Summer Production of ‘A Mid Summer Night’s Dream’ has been dedicated in memory of Jack Merigold.

Guests are welcome to join us in watching the July 12th 2:00pm Production, as the front lounge has been pre-booked for us all.

*Dinner to follow at a local restaurant*

PAL Internet Users Seminars

Tuesdays — 10:30 am

Now that we have WiFi in the common areas of PAL Place Stratford, we're holding iPad/Internet Users' Seminars there on Tuesdays with Milton van der Veen.

If you want to join us, come any Tuesday between 10:30 am and 11:30 am to the main floor of 101 Brunswick Street, Stratford — all WiFi devices welcome.

You may learn something new.

PIUS has changed times. Our sessions are now from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.

Doors Open Stratford | June 7

Saturday, June 7, 2014.

PAL Place will be open for tours

Yard Sale at PAL Place, Stratford

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Friends of PAL hosted a yard sale at PAL Place Stratford on May 24th.

Robin McGibbon took photos of the event which you can see here.

PAL Place: Found poetry

Handwritten letter found in a book in the PAL Place library:
    ’Tis true, ’tis true, ’tis pity
    And pity ’tis, ’tis true
    I want to act in Shakespeare
    And so I write to you.
    I prithee, read my resumé
    Peruse my photo, do
    Then speaketh thou, by phone or mail
    And I will come to you!

And the response from the Stratford Festival, date unknown:
    ’Tis pity, ’tis pity, ’tis true
    It is too late for you
    The auditions have passed
    The season is cast
    Write again, next year, do.

Last Company Drop-in May 25th from 7 – 11 PM.

Stratford Festival Company Drop-in

Company Drop-ins were on Sundays in
March, April, and May from 7 – 11 PM
... but have been discontinued for the summer.

An invitation from PAL Stratford

Performing Arts Lodge Stratford is an organization whose primary mandate is to care for artists in their retirement years who are in need of assistance. But PAL is also … a Place!

PAL Place is a house located at 101 Brunswick Street. In addition to its five private apartments, the house boasts large and welcoming common areas.

The PAL Place Board of Directors would like to open all of these common areas to any member of the Stratford Festival Company (performers & crafts people) who would like to drop in on Sunday evenings from 7 to 11 PM during the rehearsal period and on Monday evenings from 7 to 11 PM once the Festival is open. This is a private event which is not open to the public.

There is no agenda, no planned activities, just space made available for you to use … to read, to meet with friends, to watch a DVD, to run lines or just to hang out … refreshments will be available in the kitchen.

The space available to you includes:

  • the living room, a comfortable sitting area with a library and the ambiance of a lovely Victorian home. You’ll be inspired by the memorabilia from past Stratford seasons.
  • the large open foyer, with television and DVD player available for your use.
  • the dining room with a large table and seating for 10 … a fantastic place to run lines, to chat over a beer or coffee, or to play a board game.
  • in the warmer weather enjoy the spectacular front porch with comfortable seasonal furniture and the back garden.
  • free wifi.

Company Drop-ins were on Sundays in March, April, and May from 7 – 11 PM
... but have been discontinued for the summer.


WILLIAM (VILI) CEKUTA September 17, 1915 - May 3, 2014 Joyfully we celebrate Vili's life achievements and sadly announce his passing in Toronto, in his 99th year at Dom Lipa Nursing Home - Slovenian Linden Foundation. Vili is fondly remembered by relatives and friends in Canada, Slovenia, Italy, Australia and USA. A man passionate about theatre and travelling, Vili loved his family and was loved by them; Vili is reunited with his wife Milena Cankar (deceased 1994). He leaves his children Peter (Frances Babnik), Miriam (Julio Sousa), Ben (Maida Jeraj) and Aggie (Paul Elliot), along with his grandchildren Mark (Carmelina Simone), Marcel (Bernadette Goebel), Sonja (Ian Speare), Carmen (Kyle Cargill), Tanja and Isaac Sousa and Jake and Emma Elliot. He was a proud and loving great-grandfather to Isabella, Victoria and Alexander Cekuta, Austin, Ethan, Gavin and Logan Cekuta, Olivia and Ian Speare and Madison and Avery Cargill. We are especially grateful for the assistance of cousin Vida Grosl and sincerely appreciate the staff, personal support workers and nurses of Dom Lipa for the healthcare they provided Vili. Born in Trst (Trieste), he spent his early years in Maribor. He completed his military officers' training with the Royal Yugoslav Army, graduated from University of Ljubljana with a degree in architecture and was employed by Ljubljana's municipal government. His love of dramatic arts led to his involvement in amateur theatre. In 1943 he married Milena, a radio personality and aspiring opera singer. During World War II, Vili enlisted in the anti-communist Slovenian Home Guard as captain. He escaped from Slovenia in 1945 and settled in Gorizia and Trieste where he taught math, art and drafting in a technical college. He was a dramaturge with the Slovenian Radio Theater in Trieste. An avid writer and illustrator, Vili published various literary works. After immigrating to Canada in 1955, a move he never regretted, Vili worked for the Ontario Ministry of Government Services in architectural design, retiring in 1980. He remained an ardent member of the Slovenian community and taught Slovenian language acquisition. He founded the Slovensko gledalisce (Theatre) and staged numerous productions from world-renowned classics and Slovenian dramatic literature. He particularly admired the works of William Shakespeare and T. S. Eliot. He was a longstanding member and a contributor of book nameplates to the International Ex-libris Society. Vili and Milena advocated and were influential in the appreciation and preservation of literature, theatre, music and Slovenian culture. Vili enjoyed travelling, mountain hiking and exploring various world sites. His architectural designs are evident in numerous monuments, churches, businesses and residences located in Italy, Slovenia, USA and Canada. A kind and thoughtful man, who was grateful for his many blessings, Vili was an example of strength, perseverance and humility. He instilled a lifelong love for the arts in his children. He lives on in us, filling our hearts with loving memories. We have chosen to honour Vili's life with visitations at Ridley Funeral Home, 3080 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Toronto on Wednesday, May 7, 2014, from 2-4 and 6-9 p.m. A Mass and celebration of life will be held at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal - Slovenian Church, 739 Browns Line, Toronto on Thursday, May 8, 2014 at 11 a.m.